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About Gina Gruber


With over 20 years in the skincare business, I focus on treating problem skin and maintaining radiant skin with results-based products.  I have had extensive courses in various skincare classes, many CEU courses, and worked with many different skincare lines.  I am highly trained to help you achieve your skincare goals with long-lasting results.  


Through the years, I have seen many clients come in with problem or acneic skin, and have tried just about everything that's out there to get their skin clear.  I myself had painful cystic acne during my teen years, so I know how it feels.  I have found an acne line that works so well and delivers such amazing results, that I have dedicated most of my time and services to managing acne. The confidence that clear skin can bring to an acne sufferer is priceless!  It's very rewarding, and I love my job because of it.  


I truly enjoy helping people to look and feel their best;  I listen to your desires and needs, and show you how you can continue to have beauiful skin with a good home care regimen.  Connecting with people is very important to me.  I truly feel it is a key part of my success when helping clients achieve the results that you want to see.  Because there is an actual relationship, it always helps to make you feel comfortable when having a service done. 

The Luminous Skin Philosophy

From acne treatments to waxing services, Skincare Specialist Gina Gruber provides safe and effective skincare treatments in a private boutique.

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