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What is acne?  It's an inherited disorder of the pores.  Did you know that a normal pore sheds up to one layer of dead skin cells per day inside the pore?  Acne-prone pores shed up to FIVE layers of dead skin cells per day!  A lot times the body can't keep up, and congestion forms under the skin.  If bateria is present, the congestion will become inflamed and form a pimple or cyst.  These will usually be very red and sometimes painful.  But acne can be controlled witht the right combination of products used in the correct way.  The pores must be treated so that the bacteria is killed and the dead skin can be released and unclog the pore.

There are different products and treatments that can exfoliate the skin and release the layers built up within the pore, along with killing the bacteria that may be present.  However, finding the right products to do this can be tricky because a lot of these products will dry out your skin and possibly cause irritation.  That's where my program is different.  I wlll help you choose the correct products that will deliver the best results, without causing irrritation and extreme dryness in the skin.  It's importanat to know that you will have a bit of dryness, but your skin should not feel uncomfortable.

My acne program will have your skin clear in about 3-4 months depending on your type of acne.  Home care products used twice daily as well as in-office treatments every 2 weeks are imperitive to getting clear skin. 

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