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Mature Arrest Acne

Maturation Arrest Acne is classified as a non-inflamed unique type of acne where the face becomes studded with closed comedones (white heads). Dead skin cells and oil (plus other debris) form a plug inside the pore and the body will never be able to expel these plugs.

This process is called maturation arrest acne because the comedones do

not move ahead and mature into blackheads. Instead, they continue to enlarge with the surface opening and never dilate, thus trapping the debris inside.

Characteristics of Non Inflamed Acne

  • Dull sluggish appearance

  • Majority of lesions are congestion/blackheads but a few pimples/pustules may be present

  • Excessive Oil

  • Pebbly appearance when the skin is stretched

  • Skin is generally not sensitive or reactive to products

Using dehydrating skin care products from the wrong cleansers or acne treatments and pore clogging ingredients like Isopropyl Myristate and Algae Extract from the wrong anti-aging moisturizers create stiffness or obstructions, causing maturation arrest acne. Non-inflammatory acne takes a much more aggressive approach to get clear. Thorough

exfoliation and aggressive ingredients are needed for the face, chest and back.

Some of Luminous Skin favorite products for clearing non inflamed acne are:

  • Face Reality Mandelic Scrub for Face & Body

  • Face Reality Acne Scrub for Face & Body

  • Face Reality Vitamin A Pro 2

Foods to avoid for Clear Skin:

  • Salty foods

  • Seafood

  • Seaweed

  • Dairy products

  • Organ Meats

  • Peanuts

It is important to remember Maturation Arrest Acne is among the most difficult types of acne to get rid of, but at Luminous Skin we are having great success getting all forms of acne under control with a combination of customized bi-monthly treatments, the right prescribed home care and some lifestyle modifications.

Call Gina and get started with the Acne Bootcamp or Book Online 24/7

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